About Us

MobiTek was started in Peterborough in late May of 2009 with the help of a government grant in support of youth entrepreneurship. The company was started with a clear vision in mind: Peterborough needs the power of a computer service repair centre that can come right to your door without having the need to charge their customers ‘premium’ prices. In 2014 and again in 2016 MobiTek began to expand with demand in the Peterborough area, hiring employees to help customers with their computer troubles during the day or night.

Our technicians include Justin Beaudoin (Owner and Lead Technician), Matt Jones (Field Service Technician) and Mitch Dixon (Corporate Field Technician).

MobiTek offers a wide-range of services that include computer repair, computer building, computer cleaning, computer security, networking and setup, initial computer setups, tune-ups, virus removal, virus prevention, malware removal and many more computer related tasks. The company also offers a wide range of backup and media services that include DVD duplicating, archiving pictures to DVD or CD, VHS tape to DVD conversions, file conversion. MobiTek also offers a wide range of computer training skills from Microsoft® Word™ to Adobe® Photoshop™ that the client can choose to learn and at their own speed.

Wouldn’t you rather have your computer fixed in hours rather than weeks? Wouldn’t you rather know it’s fixed when we’re done in the place you use it? With MobiTek there are no more unplugging wires to take it into a shop, just call us up, and we’ll come to you!

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