Managed Services

Are you a business that needs fast, reliable computer support for your office? Whether you have one or one hundred computers we can provide you with a monthly managed services contract that matches your needs. We can provide complete technology solution contracts including server maintenance, help desk style support, and web hosting with around the clock availability. No one else can provide the level of service MobiTek can. Contact us to discuss your needs. We will beat competitors quoted commercial prices by at least 10%.

PC Tuneup

Is your computer feeling a bit sluggish? When you type does it appear seconds later? Are you noticing more error messages appearing? Are you getting popups all the time? Are you fully protected from viruses and malware? Let us check your computer and tune it up. We can make sure everything up properly updated, check for viruses, upgrade old hardware and bring your PC back up to speed.

Virus Removal

It can be rather upsetting to find out you’ve got a virus, but rest assured we can find it and remove it! We can also suggest ways to avoid the virus in the future and to protect your system and it’s valuable data.


Is your computer not working? Don’t know what to do? If it’s making loud noises, not turning on or doing unusual things, We can help. If it’s hardware or configuration problem we can let you know, and fix it. We know how valuable your computer is in life today. We rely on it for our communication, and for our productivity. Leave the problem to us and relax, we’ve been there and we know what needs to be done.

Remote Support

If you have a quick problem that needs to be fixed, no matter where you are in the world we can help you. As long as the computer that needs help has a working internet connection, we can log in with your permission, to fix the problem. It’s quick, easy and efficient. Give us a call and we will remote in to provide a solution anytime!

Data Recovery

You might find yourself in a situation where your data has disappeared, was deleted or can no longer be retrieved. It’s okay, we’ve got the tools available to restore the data that seems irrecoverable. Let us help you get it back.

Custom Computers

03Do you have the vision of the perfect computer, but can’t find one like it on the market? Do you like having the ability to choose what parts go into your computer? Are you looking to save money on a new computer by using more economical parts? Need a gaming PC that can handle the most demanding games? We can help. We will work with you to create the computer you have always wanted. Give us a call, we would be glad to talk!

Design & Hosting

We design brilliant websites and provide GREEN web hosting with servers based in Montreal. Get in touch with us to start your website re-branding or bring over your existing website to MobiTek. Save money, while getting personal and local support. Site designed for as low as $500. Plans as low as $3 a month!

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Social Media

Are you running a business and want to break into social media? Perhaps you are online with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now but have no idea how to best engage and grow your audience? Maybe you need someone to manage your online presence so YOU to focus on running YOUR business. We offer packages to manage, promote, engage and advertise with social media including Google Adwords packages. Contact us today to get connected with our Social Media masters who will set your business up for success!

About Us

MobiTek was started in Peterborough in late May of 2009 with the help of a government grant in support of youth entrepreneurship. The company was started with a clear vision in mind: Peterborough needs the power of a computer service repair centre that can come right to your door without having the need to charge their customers ‘premium’ prices. In 2014 and again in 2016 MobiTek began to expand with demand in the Peterborough area, hiring employees to help customers with their computer troubles during the day or night.

Our technicians include Justin Beaudoin (Owner and Lead Technician), Matt Jones (Field Service Technician) and Mitch Dixon (Corporate Field Technician).

MobiTek offers a wide-range of services that include computer repair, computer building, computer cleaning, computer security, networking and setup, initial computer setups, tune-ups, virus removal, virus prevention, malware removal and many more computer related tasks. The company also offers a wide range of backup and media services that include DVD duplicating, archiving pictures to DVD or CD, VHS tape to DVD conversions, file conversion. MobiTek also offers a wide range of computer training skills from Microsoft® Word™ to Adobe® Photoshop™ that the client can choose to learn and at their own speed.

Wouldn’t you rather have your computer fixed in hours rather than weeks? Wouldn’t you rather know it’s fixed when we’re done in the place you use it? With MobiTek there are no more unplugging wires to take it into a shop, just call us up, and we’ll come to you!


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